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CHANNEL CATFISH FEED STUDY (January-February 2014)

Fingerling channel catfish weighing an average of 5.48g were divided into four groups of 10 animals per group.

The first group was a control (standard feed), the second group received a shrimp feed additive to the standard feed, the third group received GroFish feed additive with the standard feed, and the fourth group received DHA feed additive with their feed. Each group received 2.5 grams of feed daily.

This trial which lasted 30 days looked at the effects of the feed additives in terms of immediate feeding responses and the long-term growth aspect of the animals in each group which were measured.

The feed preference for the additives was as follows:
Feed type Feeding time(30 day avg)
Standard 69 seconds
Shrimp isolate 79 seconds
GroFish additive 58 seconds
DHA additive 102 seconds

Final weight statistics after 30 days:
Group Weight average net gain %
Control 5.93 grams 8.2%
Shrimp+ 6.49 grams 18.4%
GroFish+ 9.30 grams 69.7%
DHA+ 5.87 grams 7.1%

The GroFish feed additive group average at the end of 30 days was 57% larger than the control group average. This is extremely statically significant, p= 0.0001.

However the actual growth was not consistent to the feed additive feed interest responses.

This study shows that GroFish feed additive is a very efficient growth modifier for catfish.


Summary of August, 2013 GroFish shrimp treatment in Panama

On August 21, 2013 an additional research project was undertaken in Panama. In this independent study 2.5 million shrimp were treated with the GroFish treatment with an additional 2.5 million shrimp maintained as untreated controls. This time these shrimp were at stage post larval 9/10 versus the earlier project done with shrimp at post larval stage 4/5.

At six weeks post treatment while still in the hatchery facility the shrimp treated in August showed a feed conversion rate of the GroFish treated shrimp at 25% better than that for the untreated control shrimp.

Growth for the GroFish treated shrimp showed a 42.5% improvement in weight compared to the control shrimp.

Leonard Sonnenschein, President, Managing Partner and Chief Scientific Officer, GroFish, LLC, has Released a New Book!

Understanding Cellular Metabolism takes the research at the World Aquarium and applies it to cellular nutritional uptake within the body.

With recent headlines questioning the relationship of high-dose vitamins on cancer and heart disease, it is clear that the absorption of nutrients has not been effective and there needs to be a delivery system in place with multivitamins. Indeed, many other nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products are necessary for the health maintenance of the cell and the body but are not being absorbed at a rate to allow for successful health.

Understanding Cellular Metabolism describes the cellular activities and organelle functions in combination with the necessity for vitamins and minerals in nutrition.  The lack of prevalence within the formulations of these products for human consumption do not take into account mechanisms for delivery of these nutritional supplements and it is clear from the findings of the book Understanding Cellular Metabolism that there needs to be changes in the formulation within the products that people are taking.

The recent findings in the journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, are a wake-up call to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers to say we need to be assured of the delivery of these medications for our health and our longevity.

Understanding Cellular Metabolism describes what healthy metabolism is all about and what kinds of things to look for in what we take to improve our health and beauty.



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Best fishes!


September 2013: Leonard Sonnenschein is the co-author and advisor for “New Mechanisms to Understanding the Cell Membrane Role in Modulating Intercellular Metabolism and Exploration of Mechanisms for Epithelium Nutritional Delivery,” which is a joint program with Andreas Nyman, Ph.D. candidate and research fellow with the World Aquarium and it’s Conservation for the Oceans Foundation with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Nutrition and Management, Uppsala, Sweden.

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Leonard Sonnenschein, President, Managing Partner and Chief Scientific Officer of GroFish, will be attending the 4th BioMarine International Business Convention
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