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Aquaculture Services

With today’s rising markets for quality products, GroFish, LLC helps from the egg to the plate in aiding production, growth and marketing of your aquacultured seafood products. With over 15 years in the industry, our staff and scientists have created a reputation for quality and service. Please give us a call to discuss how we can help your fish be healthier, grow faster and allow you to increase production and profits.

Our patented GroFish™ treatment is now available for commercial use in fish and shrimp. Our process uses FDA-GRAS ingredients and offers great benefit to animal survival, production, augmentation, animal health, product quality, food security, profit potential and environmental protection.

This entirely organic process is optimized with the use of several proprietary products and processes, thereby necessitating onsite treatment by our staff. Fortunately this treatment is most effective if the aquatic species are treated once at the earliest possible age. We are able to treat as many as 25,000,000 individual animals per day and therefore, in most situations, can be in-and-out in one day to treat your specific aquatic species needs. Species to be treated can include: hybrid striped bass, carp, channel catfish, prawn, salmon, shrimp, and tilapia. Current research includes many new species of fresh and saltwater aquatic animals.

Field trials have proven the success of this organic treatment process and now you can enhance your aquaculture species faster and safer. Data from previous trials indicate that aquatic animals treated with our patented process are healthier, eat more food and improve faster than untreated controls. This process does not affect the taste, but does deliver an enhanced and better-colored product when dressed-out. Farmers may expect an increase in crop production with most species compared to their present production schedule.

Each treatment program is designed to optimize the fish farmer’s aquaculture performance. Our staff will need specific information on initial water quality, species and strain to calculate what materials are necessary to make the field application. Each treatment is tailored according to the field situation for delivery of the best results for your aquatic species. GroFish, LLC will supply the treatment staff and materials necessary for treatment.

First time customers can sample our treatment for a discounted fee plus expenses for a one day application, which will include our initial evaluation, protocol determination and treatment of four batches. We require a 50% fee deposit and travel expenses in advance and final payment on the treatment day.

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